The Arnold P. Gold Foundation sustains the commitment of healthcare professionals to provide compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent patient care. The Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s overarching goal is to create the Gold Standard in healthcare – compassionate, collaborative and scientifically excellent care – to support clinicians throughout their careers, so the humanistic passion that motivates them at the beginning of their education is sustained throughout their practice. We strive to ensure that care and respect always govern the relationship between practitioner and patient.


The Center for Mindfulness and Compassion (CMC) is an interdisciplinary center within Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA). CMC aims to enhance the health and well-being of CHA and our local community by integrating mindfulness and compassion into healthcare. Based on current scientific understanding of mindfulness and compassion, CMC encourages empirically-supported theory and practice. CMC focuses on innovation in areas of patient care, professional education, scientific research, workplace well-being, and programs for our diverse communities. Grounded in the value that mindfulness and compassion are innate human capacities that support health and well-being, CMC aims to foster an inclusive, caring and multi-cultural community that allows individuals to thrive. 


ICoHN is a collaborative learning system to support existing and new communities of practice. With an overarching goal of improving health. This network has three aims:

  1. discover and explore the meaning and application of the idea of service coproduction in diverse sectors of the social and health system
  2. pilot these emerging insights in real professional development, research, service and community settings
  3. share lessons learned to promote “cross-­fertilization” and further dissemination of improvements and innovations

The Institute for Community Health is a nationally recognized catalyst for sustainable community health improvement, uniting academic research with real world practice to deliver expert professional services and build the capacity of community-serving organizations. 

Few things are as important as the health of our communities and families. Through its unique participatory research and evaluation approach, the Institute for Community Health (ICH) works collaboratively with its clients to understand the root causes of public health issues within communities and to draw on the best available research and local knowledge to effect meaningful action.  

Core to ICH’s approach is the development of long-term partnerships, a commitment to co-learning and capacity building, and a deep appreciation for the diverse experiences, perspectives, values and resources that partners contribute to community health improvement. Across Massachusetts and beyond, ICH is empowering communities to solve their most challenging health problems and change the course of their future.


The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), an independent not-for-profit organization based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a leading innovator, convener, partner, and driver of results in health and health care improvement worldwide. At their core, they believe everyone should get the best care and health possible. This passionate belief fuels their mission to improve health and health care.


The Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care believes that the future of our health system will be built upon this strong foundation of primary care. This future demands not just physicians, but innovation, vision, and leadership from all members of the primary care team. At the Center, they are strengthening health systems through the transformation of primary care delivery, teams, and leaders.


The Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare’s mission is simple but compelling: to promote compassionate care so that patients and their caregivers relate to one another in a way that provides hope to the patient, support to caregivers and sustenance to the healing process.