The Provider Engagement Steering Committee (PESC) is an interdisciplinary group of frontline providers and leaders that meets monthly to advise CHA on its strategy for provider engagement. The committee’s frontline providers are recommended by their chiefs to represent their departments, and span disciplines including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, pharmacy, social work, and dentists. CHA leadership is represented by the Chief Medical Officer, Chief Administrative Officer of the Provider Organization, Chief Human Resources Officer and SVP HR/Chief Human Resources Officer, Director of the Center for Professional and Academic Development and Senior Director of Organizational Development. It is lead by an interdisciplinary team of a front line physician, front line advanced practice clinician, and the Chief Medical Officer.

The committee is charged with advising the organization on an approach to provider engagement. Specifically, the committee identifies and prioritizes cross departmental issues, and provides feedback on strategies.  The committee members are charged with representing their departments at the PESC and communicating the work of the PESC with their departments. In order to ensure alignment across the organization, the committee provides updates to the Chiefs’ Council and Medical Executive Committee on a regular basis.

Since its inception in January of 2017, the PESC has focused on fostering communication between frontline providers and leaders with the goal of better supporting providers’ engagement at CHA. It has fostered a series of activities and pilots to achieve this goal including

  • Leader Rounds - executive leaders round at existing provider site meetings

  • Virtual Office Hours - executive leaders are available via videoconferencing to discuss topics with providers that providers have selected

  • Stay Interviews - structured conversations for providers to speak with their clinical leaders about what keeps them at CHA and how their experience could be improved

  • Providers’ Corner - a quarterly newsletter from the PESC to providers sharing updates and progress on provider engagement work

  • Peer Mentoring - providers are trained on how to mentor each other to support professional fulfillment and then invited to meet one on one over a 4 month period

The PESC also created a list of provider engagement priorities. The group then invited executive leaders to discuss their work, gain feedback from providers, and foster bidirectional communication on those listed priorities. Lastly, an ad hoc working group was created to examine and identify opportunities to improve advanced practice providers engagement specifically.

The committee is continually working to improve provider engagement at CHA and welcomes your input.


If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact:

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Bree Dallinga, PA

Or any member of the PESC

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