Implementing Bedside Shift Reporting in the Cambridge Hospital Emergency Department  

Bedside Shift Reporting is a strategy to enhance communication on multiple levels and positively impact the strategic priorities of CHA to provide safe and quality care to patients and to improve the patient experience of care, encourage staff engagement, and benefit the institution financially by improving efficiency and reducing errors. The Emergency Department is a high risk environment for a multitude of reasons and implementing bedside shift report addresses multiple JC National Patient Safety Goals including improving accuracy of patient identification, effectiveness of communication among caregivers, managing hand-off communications, and encouraging patients' active involvement in their own care. This strategy also offers benefits to staff by encouraging teamwork and accountability for care delivered and engages patients and families in their care.

Incorporating AIDET for transition of care, off going and on coming staff review hand-off report and documentation at the desk then together visit patient room to introduce care team, confirm patient identification, review the physical condition of the patient with note to IV's, medications and the physical environment, update the patient on plan of care, advise regarding any delays, and encourage the patient to ask questions, and identify any concerns. Potential benefits to patients and families include meeting the staff who are providing care for them, increased involvement in their care, ability to have their concerns addressed and questions answered, decreased anxiety related to abandonment during shift change, and the opportunity to thank off going staff for their care.