Healthcare service delivery is transforming.  Paradigms are shifting:

  • from a mandate to deliver high volumes of care to a mandate to create high value in care

  • from individual providers to team-based care

  • from the care of individual patients to the care of populations and communities

  • from care provided in professional silos and discrete venues to care integrated across the continuum

  • from a focus on processes controlled by healthcare providers to a focus on outcomes that matter to patients

  • from healthcare providers doing TO and FOR patients to healthcare teams partnering WITH people seeking to improve their health and well-being

Healthcare systems need a new generation of clinical leaders with new knowledge, skills, and dispositions.  The CHA Center for Professional Development (in partnership with the Arnold P. Gold Foundation) announces a continuing education opportunity for emerging CHA leaders engaged in institutional transformation, co-directed by Dr. Maren Batalden and her father, Dr. Paul Batalden.  The Innovation Fellowship is a one-year experience designed to introduce fellows to the art and science of healthcare quality improvement and to help leaders cultivate the necessary knowledge, skills, dispositions to partner with patients and communities to co-produce good healthcare outcomes. 

This video was produced by Christian Herold for the Center for Professional Development at Cambridge Health Alliance (CHA) on behalf of the CHA-Gold Foundation Innovation Fellowship. It was featured at a January 24, 2017 fellowship symposium in honor of the fellowship's first-year fellows.