Piloting a Primary Care Team Redesign at Cambridge Family Health and North

Cambridge Family Health North will pilot a redesign and transformation of primary care production and service. My project will focus on one component of this project: the innovation and transformation of team based care. Aspects of the culture, processes, workflows and dynamics of the care team will have to be reshaped in order to put the co-production of health and well-being at the center of the model, while simultaneously being more effective, efficient and joyful. Some essential elements are the need to foster a stronger sense of collaboration among the team and with patients, more efficient communication in all directions, and removing barriers so each team member can work at the top of his/her capacity and license. I will lead an innovation team aimed at creating team structures that will support patient involvement and collaboration in the the care provided as well as contribute to staff and provider advancement and engagement. By thoughtfully redesigning primary care, this project aims to better support CHA’s strategic plan 2020 of excelling in patient-centered primary care and contributing to the strategic goal of supporting an engaged workforce.